In June 2005 we started presenting this company with all wide fields, and since then until now we accomplished many projects and here after some of:

Important Customers:

JIHAR Gaz Factory .
EBLA Gaz Factory .
Madar Aluminum Factory.
SMI Factory  .
Al Ghazel  Factory in Damascus.
Bell Factory.
TRANCE Mall Homs  .
KALAMALL Mall Dier Atiah .
Kraiem city center maul in Aleppo.
French Embassy in Damascus .
USA  Embassy in Damascus .
Italian Embassy in Damascus.
Samiramis Hotel in Palmyra (Four Stars).
Bloudan Grand Hotel (Five Stars).
Sheraton Sednaya Hotel.
Blue Tower Hotel in Al Hamra Street.
The International University for Science and Technology.
Al Kalamoun University.
Ridaa Saiid Conferences Center in Damascus university.
Al Shwefat International School in Damascus.
Al Shwefat International School in Homs.
The Justice Palace in Homs.
Cote d Azure Sham Palace ( Five Stars)
Dar Al Saada for Old peoples care in Homs.
Islam Committee for Orphans care (Hama).
LADA cars Show room.
RENAULT cars show room.
Al Sham Hospital for Cancer Disease.
Al Busher Hospital for Psychological Disease.
Al Sayda Hospital in Sednaya.
National Homs Hospital.
Al Cham Carton Manufacture.
International Damascus Fair (New).
Arabian Insurance Company.
British visa center in Damascus .
Duty free shops: the Syrian Jordanian Boarders, and Syrian
Lebanese boarders, Damascus airport.
Trading and Economic Ministry.
Banks :
BSOM Bank Syria & Overseas.
Bemo Suadi-French Bank .
International Bank for Trading .
Audi Bank in Syria .
Byblos Bank .
Cham Islamic Bank .
International Syrian Islamic Bank .
Syria & Gulf .
Jordan & Syria Bank .
Al Baraka Bank.
Frans Bank.
Public Departments:

Syrian aviation establishment: Dell  Servers .
Hasaka Gas Investment administration: IBM Servers,
multiple LANs connected wireless.
Research Institute: IBM Servers, PCs.
Damascus City Health department: HP Servers.
Al-Furat Petroleum company: Dell Servers, Fujitsu
Siemens workstations.
Syrian telecommunications establishment: PCE 80KVA UPS.
Jandar Public Company for power generation: Fujitsu
Siemens Servers, Fiber Optic LAN.